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Onward and Upward for Martin Cullen

March 28, 2006

I see that, fresh from his electronic voting triumph, Martin Cullen is about to embark on the flotation of Aer Lingus.

Wonder how much it costs to store a jumbo jet for a year?


Shock News: McDowell makes a good point!

March 26, 2006

Sorry about the break in transmission.  I had to get a new cat.  The old one was worn out.  Anyway, back to business…

I can't stand Michael McDowell.  Let me make that plain from the outset.  The man is an overbearing bully.  And he's a shite Justice Minister.  He simply does not know the meaning of accountability.

That said, he hit the nail on the head recently, (must've been an opposition nail), when he pointed out that everyone who uses drugs has a share of responsibility for the wave of gun crime sweeping the country.

Anyone using cannabis, coke, ecstasy etc. contributes to the problem.  The demand for drugs is fueling the crime wave.

If you're a user, even a "recreational" user, you're part of the problem.

 Stupid fuckers.  Hope your brains rot.

If we were paying them peanuts…

March 11, 2006

Another gangland murder last night in Cabra. 

And what will the Minister for Justice be doing for the next week?

He’ll be in Britain, representing the Government at St. Patrick’s Week events at the expense of the Irish taxpayer.

 An elderly woman dies on a trolley in a nurses’ tea station at the Mater Hospital.

And what will our Minister for Health be doing for the next week?

She’ll be travelling to Bahrain and South Africa, no doubt enjoying herself at similar events, also at the expense of the Irish taxpayer.

If we were paying them peanuts I could understand how we ended up with monkeys running the country.

But considering the massive salaries these arrogant gobshites draw, not to mention their lavish expense accounts, their more-than-generous pension arrangements etc. etc., it seems to me that it’s the people of Ireland who are the monkeys.

Pearl of Wisdom from Top Cop

March 10, 2006

At a conference in the Waterford Institute of Technology on the future of policing, Garda Commissioner Noel Conroy today came up with a suggestion that should magically clear the huge backlog of outstanding warrants.

He appealed to criminals who were wanted on bench warrants to turn themselves into their local garda station or to the courts.

The man is clearly a genius.

Maybe he could even persuade the criminals to join McDowell’s Fusiliers, (the planned Garda reserve force).

Judge Gets Tough on Violent Crime!

March 10, 2006

Nice to know we can rest safe in our beds with this judge around.  (And yes, I am being sarcastic.)

Ian Horgan should get out of prison when Rachel Kiely gets out of her grave, and not before.

From RTE News:

The family of Rachel Kiely, the young Cork woman killed and raped near her home on October 2000, has said they are deeply disappointed at the leniency of the sentence imposed on Ian Horgan. Horgan, 22, from Inishmore Square in Ballincollig, Co Cork, was 16 when he raped and strangled the young woman.

Today, he was sentenced to eight years for rape and manslaughter.

However, Mr Justice Barry White suspended six years of the sentence to take account of the time already spent in jail and Horgan can now expect to be released in 18 months’ time.

Ian Horgan admitted manslaughter but denied murder and rape charges.

A jury at the Central Criminal Court found him not guilty of murder but guilty of the killing and of raping 22-year-old Rachel Kiely while she was out walking the family dogs in a park near her Ballincollig home.

At his first trial in 2002, Horgan was convicted of the murder and rape of Rachel Kiely but those convictions were set aside by the Court of Criminal Appeal which ordered a retrial.

He was granted bail in January 2005, but that bail was revoked after he was convicted of three offences including assault and burglary.

At his second trial, which commenced earlier this month, Horgan admitted killing Rachel Kiely but continued to deny the rape and murder.

During sentencing, Mr Justice White said that he had read the appeal court decision setting aside the original convictions and it was his view that this was done with a large degree of hesitancy.

At the retrial, Dr John Harbison, who had carried out the post mortem, became ill and was unable to give evidence. 

The judge said that this was perhaps to Horgan’s benefit because State Pathologist Dr Marie Cassidy’s evidence was less forceful from a prosecution point of view in relation to the murder charge. 

Dr Cassidy was not involved in the original post mortem and gave her evidence based on the photographic evidence available. She could not read or comment on Dr Harbison’s notes.

Horgan had already served four-and-a-half years in prison, which with remission is equivalent to six years. 

Judge White imposed two eight-year sentences on the rape and manslaughter, both to run concurrently, but he suspended six years of the sentence to take account of time already served.”

In Case You’re Wondering Where the Money Goes

March 10, 2006

Apart from Ministerial Mercs and plush Dail bars, this is where large chunks of it go:

The Taoiseach, four cabinet ministers and five ministers of state are to represent the Government at St Patrick’s Day events across the US.

Tánaiste Mary Harney is to travel to Bahrain and South Africa.

Three ministers, including Michael McDowell and John O’Donoghue, will represent the Government at events in Britain, with a further seven ministers and ministers of state travelling to functions in Europe.

Environment Minister Dick Roche is to travel to Japan, Malaysia and Thailand, while Finance Minister Brian Cowen is to represent the Government in Australia with his colleague Eamon Ó Cuív attending functions in New Zealand.

Government Chief Whip Tom Kitt will be in Argentina, while Education Minister Mary Hanafin travels to the United Arab Emirates.

Junior Foreign Affairs minister Conor Lenihan is to represent the Government in Beijing.”

How is it that these arrogant gobshites get to travel all over the world every Paddy’s day at our expense?

And aren’t we the right fecking eejits to let them get away with it every year?

Who Do You Believe…?

March 10, 2006

Property developer Chris Jones today contradicted the testimony of Minister for Social and Family Affairs, Séamus Brennan, at the Mahon Tribunal.

Now, who do YOU believe, the property developer or the politician?