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Seig Heil, Benedict!

December 23, 2008

I see der Fuhrer der Pope has launched another hysterical attack on homosexuals. Shades of his native country’s Nazi past.

I’m always deeply suspicious of people who are so overtly and rabidly anti-homosexual.  Benedict’s latest rant reminds me of American bible-thumper Ted Haggard who turned out to be gay himself.

Pope Hypocrite would be better employed rooting out the real evil of child sexual abuse within his own organisation.  Of course, he probably doesn’t think it is as sinful as homosexuality.


Mary Harney should resign or be fired

December 1, 2008

No, not because of wash-and-blow-dry-gate or piano-gate, but because she has failed as Health Minister.

Same to you, Mary

Same to you, Mary

Harney created the HSE with the promise that the new body would make our health system more efficient.  It hasn’t.  It has simply created a new level of bureaucracy. Even worse, it has created a buffer for the Minister to hide behind when problems arise.  Strike one.

The Ppars fiasco happened on Harney’s watch.  Strike two.

Three years ago, (or was it four?), Harney declared the situation in our A&Es to be a ‘national emergency’ and promised decisive action.  In the interim, nothing has changed.  Strike three.

At the last election, the people of this country utterly repudiated the party Harney represented – to the point where it no longer exists.  Harney has absolutely no political mandate to be in Cabinet.  The only reason she is there at all is because none of the Cute Hoors wants to touch Health with a barge-pole.

Harney told us we should choose between Boston and Berlin.  What she has given us is Baghdad.

Roy Keane ready to run away (again)

November 30, 2008
Keep it shut

Keep it shut

Roy Keane should keep his mouth shut and concentrate on the job he is paid to do.  That was true when he was a player and it is true now that he is a manager.

The first true crisis he faces with Sunderland and he immediately starts talking about bailing out.  Just what the club needs at such a difficult time: more uncertainty.

At least he’s consistent.  As always, when things aren’t going the way he wants, Keano picks up his ball and goes home.


(And incidentally, I’m a Corkman.)

Nothing new there, then

November 27, 2008

Apparently Harney and Drumm expect 2009 to be a “challenging year” for the Health Service.

As opposed to what?  The wonderful years the Health Service has enjoyed up to now?

If anything, a merely “challenging year” sounds like an improvement on what’s gone before.

Just because it’s your money…

November 25, 2008

…it doesn’t mean it’s any of your damned business!

Conman comes clean (sort of)

November 14, 2008

Gormley ‘fesses up:

Green Party leader John Gormley has said he believes many voters feel they were conned by politicians at the last general election.

But wait, what’s this?:

He said he believed the figures may be explained by a feeling that politicians misled voters about the state of the economy in the run-up to last year’s election.

Well, okay John, I’ll grant you that. But what about the voters who were misled by your former party leader, Trevor Sargent? Clever Trevor, if you recall, swore that he would never lead the Greens into government with the Cute Hoors. And I know that technically he didn’t. But many people – yes, myself included – voted Green on the basis that the Green Party would not be going into government with Fianna Fail.

I don’t see any mention of that deception in Gormley’s statement.

Never mind, though: what goes around comes around.

The Green Party is down by 1pc to 4pc, but party leader John Gormley has seen his popularity also drop substantially by 12 points to 28pc.

There’s something about Mary…

November 13, 2008

I’ve got it: it’s her total failure as a Health Minister.

How long has it been since she declared the situation in our A&E departments to be a ‘national emergency’?  Four years? Five years?

Lucky she took it so seriously.