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Roy Keane ready to run away (again)

November 30, 2008
Keep it shut

Keep it shut

Roy Keane should keep his mouth shut and concentrate on the job he is paid to do.  That was true when he was a player and it is true now that he is a manager.

The first true crisis he faces with Sunderland and he immediately starts talking about bailing out.  Just what the club needs at such a difficult time: more uncertainty.

At least he’s consistent.  As always, when things aren’t going the way he wants, Keano picks up his ball and goes home.


(And incidentally, I’m a Corkman.)


Bad News for Rangers!

November 26, 2008

Celtic are free to concentrate on domestic competitions for the rest of the season.

Eddie’s gone

March 20, 2008

Eddie O’Sullivan has resigned as Irish rugby coach.  About four years too late IMHO.

Who’s up next?  Declan Kidney?  I hope not for Munster’s sake. I wonder if he’d even want it.  Too much bad blood with Dorce and Drico and the rest of the goys.